Services I run (and why)

On the occasions that my lab comes up in discussions, people will ask me why in the world do I feel the need to have so much "stuff". Some of it is very clearly work orientated, as its hard to stay on top of the cyber world if you're unwilling spin some cycles messing with all things new. Other services are security oriented. Nobody likes ads, or people busting down your virtual door and taking all your things. And yes, what home lab is complete without a media server?

First things first, much love for Heimdall. It's a Services Bookmarker, and once everything started to add up, it's been great at keeping everything straight and easy to navigate to.

Splunk - SIEM for the ages. I use it at work, I use it at home. All my logging and security services feed into here, making it easy to search on and make alerts.

Windows CA Certificate Issue - I made the (questionable sane) decision to run my own CA and provide each of my internal sites with signed certificates. By taking advantage of Microsoft's built in web page certificate issuer, it makes it very simple to get SSL set up in minutes.

Jellyfin - It's like Plex, except without calling home to the mothership. Opensource, stable, and overall a very high quality media server.

Pihole - "Gotta block em all". Default lists with some curated additions to the DNS blackhole. Serves as the primary DNS resolver for my lab, upstream from all the rest of my internal DNS servers.

Security Onion - I hate it. Its a mess that wasn't ready to release. But I have to use it at work, so might as well run it in production at home.

Nextcloud - File sharing service. Don't use it much internally, but plenty of people I know use it, so its nice to understand it's idiosyncrasies.

Truenas - One of my few bare metal servers. Need to resurrect an old server? Throw a NAS OS on there, and boom. Quick and cheap storage, without having to buy another host. In a perfect world I would build my own NAS software collection, but Truenas is a quick deployable solution that works great out of the box.

vCenter - Esxi is great. Know what's even better? Multiple Esxi hosts. vCenter keeps me sane managing all of them.

Email Server - NEVER AGAIN. Decided on a lark to host my own mail server. Built from scratch with dovecot and postfix, configured to actually work. I was not made sufficiently aware prior to attempting this that mail servers are of the devil. If this thing breaks, and rolling back to a snapshot doesn't fix it, it will die in unholy fire to be never built again.

pfSense Gateway - pfSense, for when you want a network without having to do networking. I appreciate that it's easy to set up, but still configurable for advanced situations.

Gogs - I don't want everything I do pushed to the internet before its done, so an internal git server makes sense.

Cuckoo - Dynamic Malware analysis at it's finest. A pain in the butt to set up, but expedites any malware analysis by "just working".

Running everything can sometimes get out of hand, and is occasionally a bit much for just myself to manage. My rule of thumb is if I go a week without touching something, it isn't important enough to keep around.